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About Bingham Health Care

With extensive experience in health care reform, we provide strategic consulting, subject matter expertise, regulatory guidance, operational analysis & optimization, IT solutions vendor searches, and staff augmentation for healthcare payers.

Bingham Health Care leadership has worked in healthcare for decades, and provides consultative services to healthcare payers. We support national, regional, and local payers, including those already well-established as well as firms looking to expand into new markets or geographies.

Bingham Health Care provides a range of services, from strategy to regulations to business operations, including guidance, training, technology platform assistance, and staffing support.

In addition, we can help you stay abreast of and prepare for changes sweeping through the healthcare industry. First–mover advantage and early adoption could make the difference between survival and excellence.

Lead by veteran healthcare executive James Bingham, and at times partnering with other leading consulting firms to strengthen our service offerings and delivery, Bingham Health Care has provided consultation and related services to payers as diverse as:

Bingham Health Care has taken issuers through every ACA lifecycle stage, often over multiple years:

We have provided consulting expertise to FFM, SBM, and OPM payers, helping:

Bingham Health Care is passionate about improving the physical health of people while enhancing the financial health of payers & providers, ensuring a strong, well-functioning industry and a healthy society. Healthcare is in our DNA!

Please contact us for help optimizing your business operations, and obtaining or maintaining a competitive advantage.

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